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Other Blatantly Bad Toy Stores out there will charge extra if you want your item to be mint. If you don't pay their premium collector fee, you never know what you're going to get. Not at RAWSTARWARS. You get guaranteed Collectors Grade Mint, every time (except for discounted inventory listed as Non-Mint).


If you are looking for a "flawless" carded/packaged example, understand that they typically do not exist, but please contact us with your request and we will work with you to do our best in fulfilling your requirements.

We are not professional graders or affiliated with AFA, but we are avid collectors with many years of experience. We also get our figures graded at AFA so we have experienced their grading scale firsthand. Please keep this in mind when purchasing.

Any item we estimate will get an AFA grade from 10.0 to 8.0, we consider it to be Collectors Grade Mint and you will see a "Collectors Grade Mint" Stamp on that listing. A 10.0 is almost unheard of. Case fresh modern items tend to most frequently receive grades of 8.5 and higher. According to AFA, an 8.0 represents a nice example with minor to moderate flaws apparent upon close inspection. If we think an item is 7.5 or less, we will list those items without the stamp and indicate Non-Mint in the item description. Please click this AFA link below for their definition of each grade. 

Great question! The answer is often open to interpretation, so we default to the experts at CGA Grading, also known as AFA Grading. AFA's newest Modern Grading Scale consists of three Grading Tiers; Gold (10 - 9.0), Silver (8.5 - 7.5), and Bronze (7.0 or less).

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