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Quick Tip on getting MINT EXCLUSIVES

Updated: Aug 17, 2023

How many times have you ordered exclusive figures from the Big Box stores we love to hate, only to receive something that resembles roadkill?

Do you shutter in disappointment when you see a padded envelope in the mail from these places? Did you get an 8x5 Target box with a 9x6 carded figure smashed into it? How many hours have you spent on returns and replacements only to get the same result? As for me? Too many.

Well, I'm not claiming to have the magic bullet that will guarantee mint exclusives every time (unless you buy them from RAWSTARWARS 😜), but I will share a trick that works most of the time for me.

Very simply, buy 5! Yes, buy 5 of the exclusive that you want, or at least the maximum they will allow you to buy in one purchase. Don't place separate orders, buy several in one order. More than likely when you buy them in bulk like this, the retail shipping gods will bless you with a delivery in a shipping box that is bigger than the items you ordered. They may even throw in some padding. Yay!

This greatly increases your chances of receiving a mint figure, packaging, and all. Don't sweat the heavy credit card bill on the large order, because you are going to cherry-pick the best one you get and return the rest for a full refund. How do you like them apples?!?

Another Pro Tip: When returning the duds you don't want, submit a return one figure at a time. Some stores will give you a full refund AND tell you to keep the figure! YES! Now you

have 2+ figures for the price of one. Open one to display, give one to your kids, and gift one to a friend. The satisfaction of getting something for nothing from the very place that caused you so much grief is immeasurable. You will be just giddy with joy and your friends and family will adore you... Oh, and don't feel bad for the Big Box store that lost out on this deal. You've already suffered enough at their hands, and they won't feel a thing. Trust me.

You're welcome.

What are your tips and tricks for collecting mint figures?

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