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STAR WARS Black Series




6" Action Figure


FUN FACT: Hasbro made a mistake on this one; making a figure of Kir Kanos, but making the box art and description for Carnor Jax. Instead of fixing the figure, they just owned up to the mistake and are moving on. Expectations of this error being more valuable is mixed; production of this error was completed with no fixed version announced so there is no "correct" version, yet errors like this are a great conversation piece and typically will drive the collectibility and value of it up considerably.

Blast off to a galaxy far, far away with Star Wars The Black Series Kir Kanos 6-Inch Action Figure and his quest for revenge! The former Emperor's Royal Guard keeps his red armor as he hunts down Carnor Jax with his bladed weapon and blaster. This awesome figure includes a cloth cape with a nice lining and is ready to hang out on your shelf while looking for traitors to the Emperor's throne.

Please be aware that this character was mislabeled Carnor Jax on packaging when it is in fact Kir Kanos. Hasbro apologizes for the oversight and wants to assure you that they are constantly refining their processes to provide fans with the high quality, accurate figures they expect.

Star Wars Black Series KIR KANOS 6" Action Figure 50th

SKU: HSF2816
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