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RAWSTARWARS is all about providing the hottest Collectors Grade Mint collectibles to our customers, wrapped up in the best buying experience possible. We've been a Top Rated Seller on eBay with 100% positive feedback for over 19 years, and expanded our business with our website so we can continue providing great service to collectors at the most competitive prices. We cater to collectors, providing Guaranteed Collectors Grade Mint Collectibles at the most competitive prices. Find your favorite Star Wars, Marvel, GI Joe, Ghostbusters, McFarlane Toys, & Diamond Select toys and collectibles right here. Every order is cherry-picked mint, packaged, and shipped safely. Just look for the Guaranteed Mint logo when shopping at RAWSTARWARS, and never worry again.


It was a long time ago, in a galaxy… Ok it was 1977 right here on Long Island when my world would forever be changed and influenced by the Star Wars Universe. I was just a wee toddler on the release date, and I do not remember a moment in my life where something Star Wars was not close by. Check me out! 


Fast forward to October 2016; I was preparing to attend my very first New York Comic-Con. The catalyst to take the plunge was that Luke Skywalker himself was going to be there! Yes! None other than Mark Hamill and I just had to meet him and get his autograph. 

Image of Richard opening gifts during the Holidays

So, my first and only thought about what I wanted him to autograph for me was an original 1977 Kenner Luke Skywalker Figure that was Mint On Card.

Instead of paying thousands for a MOC Luke Farmboy, I decided to put my artistic talents to the test and went about restoring a vintage 1977 Luke figure and creating my own reproduction Kenner Luke Skywalker Cardback. The result you can see in the pictures below, with Mark doing his trademark finger point photo-op pose, and my autographed figure on display. Yay!!!

Mark Hamill & Me Closeup
1977 Luke Autographed

I was hooked from that point on and RAWSTARWARS was born. I went about creating and selling restored and re-carded vintage Kenner figures, ships and playsets and quickly built a customer base. This allowed me to expand my own collection and getting all my favorite celebrities autographs on what I think is the best representation of their superhero characters in Action Figure form.

My personal collecting then expanded into collecting my favorite figures from Star Wars Vintage Collection, Black Series, Marvel Legends, McFarlane Toys, and so on. I just fell in love with collecting these nostalgic works of art, but I quickly learned of all the pains and disappointments that go along with it. From the arduous hunt for mint figures, receiving destroyed packaging from retailers, learning that eBayers definitions of Mint are way different than mine, staying in budget when a figures demand and price skyrockets, and so on.

That’s when I decided to expand what I was doing on eBay. My mission was, and still is to satisfy my high collecting standards and provide the same level of service and expectation to other collectors that I have for my own collection.

It has been a long, fun road, and a constant learning experience. I can safely call myself a subject matter expert in these particular collectibles and enjoy passing the knowledge on to other collectors.  I’ve also learned that eBay can sometimes be a good place to buy and find what you need, but it is often not the cheapest avenue and every purchase from a new seller is a bit of a gamble.

So here we are now, at, where my valued customers new and old, can come to enjoy the same excellent service and reliability I provide, at the most competitive prices available today.

I know first-hand the wonderful experience of receiving a package in the mail and that built-up expectation culminating in the grand reveal as you open it up. I want to make that experience better than that built-up expectation, and we work hard to achieve that goal with every order. We look forward to doing this for you and making your collecting experience the very best that it can be.

This is the way…

Richard A. Williams – The “RAW” in RAWSTARWARS

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