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Superior $7 Flat Rate Shipping

Shipping should be cheap, easy, and not affect your decision to buy what you want... Period.

That's why RAWSTARWARS presents... "SUPERIOR $7 SHIPPING"


That's right! Whether you buy one item, or our entire inventory, you pay one shipping fee, and it's only $7. I know, pretty awesome, right?

Every order is professionally packaged and shipped out the next business day to ensure your items arrive fast, safely, and MINT. Other Blatantly Bad Toy Stores can take up to 2 weeks for delivery using slow 3rd party shipping companies and only shipping orders once per week. Not at RAWSTARWARS.

Fast, cheap, and easy, as it should be. Take advantage of SUPERIOR $7 SHIPPING by loading up your shopping cart with everything you are looking for to get the best-priced mint collectibles with one cheap $7 shipping fee.

We have spoken.

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