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Star Wars PRINCESS LEIA Defender Sporting BLASTER


Life Size 1:1 Prop Replica 

Custom-Made Star Wars: A New Hope Movie Prop Replica
Item Description & Details


  • 3D Printed In Hard Resin
  • Professionally sanded, assembled, sanded, airbrushed (painted), & weathered for an authentic and extremely realistic effect

  • Weighted inside to give an authentic feel to the weight of an actual blaster

  • No moving parts, perfect for Cosplay events (may require a colorful tip to be added for acceptance at cosplay events)

  • Includes a perfect display stand made specifically to fit Princess Leia's iconic blaster. Also includes a nameplate

  • Perfect and realistic to Display in your collection


Please Note: This is not a real weapon. This is a custom-made LIFE SIZE Prop Replica with no moving parts made entirely of resin. This Star Wars Princess Leia Defender Sporting Blaster Prop Replica is identical to the prop used in the original Star Wars: Episode IV: A New Hope movie by Princess Leia played by Carrie Fisher. Hand Made Fan Art. Includes Display Stand. One Of A Kind


Perfect for Cosplay and to Display in your collection

Star Wars PRINCESS LEIA Defender Sporting BLASTER Prop Replica

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