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If Adventure has a name, it's INDIANA JONES!

Updated: Aug 17, 2023

I distinctly remember playing for hours with my Indiana Jones figures as a kid, which were revolutionary at the time, with their knee joints, and quick draw arm action that was so cool to play with. I remember not wanting to stop playing with Indiana and Toht who were battling it out with me in the basement, so when I was forced into bath time, Indy and that evil Nazi came with me. As you can imagine, the Nazi ended up drowning at the heroic hands of my "idol" (pun intended), Indiana Jones.

Well, it's now 2023 and we are all in for a treat, whether you are filled with nostalgia for these figures or are a new Indy fan because Hasbro did not disappoint with 2 new product lines for Indiana Jones; the 3.75" Retro line "The Adventures of Indiana Jones", and the new 6" Adventure Series line, that is really a sight to behold.

Starting with the Retro Line, Hasbro really hit a home run this time, 100%, and I don't like giving Hasbro too much credit, so it's well deserved.

First the packaging... Quite simply, it's identical to the original packaging I unceremoniously ripped open as a child, AND they did NOT do any fake weathering effects. That's it, there's nothing else to say because that is EXACTLY how it should be done! I couldn't be happier. Great Job Hasbro!

Second, the original Indiana Jones figures that came out in 1982 were fairly limited, in fact only 4 figures and I think I only had Indiana and Toht. There were others like Belloq that was a mail-away figure and the rumor is they also made a few on cardback, but finding one is like finding the "Holy Grail". Don't worry, I'll keep the puns coming fast and loose. So Hasbro did a great thing by bringing some of those original figures back, and I'm sure the rest are to be announced in the future.

This brings me to an aspect of the Retro line of figures that I have a hard time with. Quite simply, a Retro Kenner Star Wars Mandalorian or Ahsoka Tano figure just does NOT belong and should have never been made. They are brand new characters, that never existed back when figures were made with only 5 points of articulation. It was just a Hasbro money grab and now many retailers (like me) are sitting on that garbage, and collectors are feeling confused and betrayed, as they should be. SO, regarding Indiana Jones, I will say I DO like that they have made a few figures that they never made in the 1980s, and that is simply because they are valid vintage characters from the 1980s. Like when Hasbro made Grand Moff Tarkin that came with the Star Wars Board Game, that was cool. That character was vintage, Kenner just never made a figure of him, so Hasbro filled that gap appropriately. To me, that's acceptable, cool, and collectible. Anything new that they slap in a retro package is just blood-boiling to me. Please don't do that with Dial of Destiny Hasbro!!! P.S., you know damn well that they will.

Ok, I had a lot to say about the Indy figures I grew up with, so I'll be short and to the point on the 6" Adventure Series figures... Another home run by Hasbro, 100%! First and foremost, the quality of these figures and the likeness of the actors who portrayed them is just stunning. Look at Marion's face, it looks like a photograph it's so good. Same with all the rest of them, Hasbro's photo real head sculpts are next level here.

Second, I love Build A Figures and collecting the set, although I've never opened them up to build the figure since I'm an in-box collector. Well, that all changed with Build An Artifact! I just had to build the Arc of the Covenant, no way around that. It's just awesome, and I couldn't be happier with them on display. I plan on collecting 2 of each of these figures so I can keep one in the box, and open the other to display with Build An Artifacts.

I will leave you with the image below to comb over and enjoy, and in the words of Indiana Jones, "Adios Sapito".

What do you think of these new Indiana Jones figures?

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1 Comment

Feb 11

These are awesome action figures. I plan on buying more later on. I have Indiana Jones and Marion. I remember first finding out that there were Indiana Jones action figures when I went to a toy fair in 1997. That was cool that Hasbro did the mail away crystal skeleton with throne a few years ago.

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