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RAWSTARWARS Collectors Corner: VC264 Review

Updated: Aug 17, 2023

VC264 Review

Every once in a while we get a new addition to our collection that stands above the rest. As an avid collector myself, this is never more apparent with the new Star Wars Vintage Collection VC264 Luke Skywalker (Imperial Light Cruiser) 3.75" Action Figure that we just got in stock yesterday.

RAWSTARWARS Collectors Corner has been created to share our professional opinions and insights into the things we love to collect, but only when it is something we feel is truly noteworthy.

Undeniably, the de-aged appearance of a most impressive Luke Skywalker at the end of the last episode of The Mandalorian Season 2, was the most talked about surprise of season 2. We think they did a great job despite all the nit-picking that nay-sayers can throw at it. To me, giving Mark Hamill his youth and his true Skywalker “self” back after being ripped from it in TLJ and ROS, was a HUGE gift for us old school Star Wars fans.

This VC264 figure is a direct representation of that magic brought back to the Star Wars universe, and I believe many fans and collectors will feel the same. I think this figure is going to increase substantially in value long term and it’s extrinsic value is undeniable.

We have them in stock, all Collectors Grade Mint, at a great price, and selling fast, so check it out and secure a great win for your collection; Star Wars Vintage Collection VC264 Luke Skywalker (Imperial Light Cruiser) 3.75" Action figure.

Editors Note - The other figures in this wave are all great, which include Cal Kestis, Cassian Andor, Vel Sartha, Artillery Trooper, and the Klatooinian Raider. This is a HOT wave, so you may want to buy this Wave 13 set which we also have for sale at a discount.

This is the way…

Richard A Williams - The RAW in RAWSTARWARS

What do you think of this new Luke figure and his appearance in The Mandalorian?

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