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Plastic Free Packaging that Collectors can get behind

Updated: Aug 17, 2023

My thoughts on Hasbro's new PLASTIC-FREE packaging initiative...

Quickly, this is a step in the right direction for helping the future of our environment. That's the end of my tree-hugging moment and is not the purpose of this post.

That being said, the new design that just replaces the plastic window with box art of what is inside just doesn't cut it. Not by a long shot. This is a cheap and easy way for Hasbro to accomplish this initiative without addressing what is lost. Packaging of these collectible works of art must showcase what is being purchased, making it clearly visible WITHOUT having to open the package.

It seems apparent that very little thought or concern was put into maintaining the presentation and displayability of action figures in their original packaging. There are clearly ways of accomplishing this.

This is where I point to the new Hasbro Pulse Exclusive Star Wars Black Series Boba Fett (In Disguise) figure that I just received in the mail today.

I suggest using a similar design for all Star Wars Black Series, Marvel Legends, and GI Joe Classified Series figures who are becoming victims of this thoughtless design change.

Integrate a velcro-sealed door that opens to show the figure, without a plastic window. Take a look at the Exclusive Boba Fett "War of the Bounty Hunters" picture here, and see for yourself. The figure is tie strapped at various points to the back of the box window, with no plastic at all.

I believe that this could even be a better design than before. You can actually keep the figure in the box and touch it, adjust the head, legs, and arms, so it looks perfect or positioned the way you want it. That in my opinion is a GREAT solution for plastic-free packaging, and in some ways is better than before. You can touch and adjust the figure without removing it from its original packaging. The BEST of both worlds!

Now, the only argument that I can understand is potential retail store theft. Open the window and clip the tie straps to remove the figure, leaving the box on its wall peg. But hey, there is tons of inventory in retail stores that can fall victim to that criminal act. If that is a problem that needs to be addressed, then perhaps circular clear tape to keep the door closed is required. Either way, I am much more comfortable with removing the tape to display the figure still sealed in the box, rather than having to open and remove it from the box completely.

What do you think of the new packaging and what would you like Hasbro to do?

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1 commentaire

10 févr.

I agree with you, that the open and close cardboard box package would be a good choice. That kind of reminds me of that NECA does for their Ultimate line of action figures. I've noticed Hasbro is releasing plastic free and package with plastic windows, so I don't know why there are 2 different types now.

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